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Benedict, Sherlock and a few other things in-between…


Been reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and it’s an old field craft trick. George Smiley puts splinters of wood in his front door above and below the lock, so he knows if someone has been in his house while he’s out. Appropriately enough the person in his house in the book is Peter Guillam.

Sherlock’s crooked knocker is a version of the same thing. Wonder if that’s where they got the idea from…

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Please play nice


So it seems that Benedict may or may not have a new girlfriend. If this is true, I am delighted for the pair of them.

I know his true fans respect his right to a private life and hope that he is happy however, and with whomever, he chooses to live it.

Here’s hoping…

Here, here. He deserves a bit of happiness in his personal life. And a bit of privacy - a lot in fact. As he says, what’s private is private. Lets help him keep him that way if we can.

I am a gay man who loves James Bond films and snooker — all kinds of working-class pursuits. I didn’t set out to deliberately respond to the masculinity.

I’m fascinated that so many spies were or are gay, but I also like the idea—which John le Carré showed—that the real job is much more prosaic.

[…] Also back in the day, the natural people to approach [to recruit as spies] were people who were already lying about themselves. When homosexuality was illegal, these people already had a different identity.

What’s interesting is that simultaneously to recruiting known homosexuals, they were also perceived as a security risk, precisely because of the blackmail thing. The recruiters must have known and actually relied on it, but it was always a worry.

Mark Gatiss

(From a 2008 interview about the release of his bisexual spy Lucifer Box Trilogy novel, ‘Black Butterfly’ [x])

Thinking a lot about what blackmail material Magnussen might have had on the head of the Secret Service, and why Mycroft doesn’t have a goldfish. 

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The Other Boleyn girl - deleted scenes with Ben. I cry.

They had have to delete some of his scenes from the movie, in a view that people could pay attention to the others persons on screen, I am afraid. This is why Cumberbatch should play only main roles for ever.

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Benedict can sew and likes to reuse his clothing appreciation post.  

I’m gonna just drop this here.



(x) and (X)

The Louis Vuitton shoes in dynamic glory!

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